Health and Safety

Health and Safety

We do not compromise when it comes to Health and Safety. Our aim is to be the recognized leader in Health and Safety in our sector.

Through a range of programs and formal training, we make every effort to achieve our Target Zero for accidents and ill health caused by work. All contracts are assessed for health and safety risks at each stage and senior managers regularly visit to review health and safety with all employees.

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Target Zero
Our target is zero accidents every day: Target Zero.

We will do everything we can to remove the risk of accidents from our business, wherever we work.

In the regrettable event that an accident does occur, we will make every effort to learn from it, communicate the learning, improve for the future, and target zero accidents the next day.

Health like Safety

Health Like Safety
Our target is to achieve zero health related accidents or incidents caused or made worse by work. We will manage Health like Safety with clear arrangements in place wherever we work.

In addition, we will use the workplace as a venue for promoting healthy lifestyles while recognizing that this remains a matter of personal choice. This is our vision across Carillion, and we use a wide range of tools to help us achieve it.


Behaving Safely
Real safety is determined by how each and every one of us actually behaves. Safe behaviour is what turns systems and procedures into reality. At Carillion, we have defined four critical areas of behaviour that apply right across every role. The specific behaviours that apply to everyone, managers and supervisor all support each other within the framework of these four areas.

Behaving Safely

Health and well-being
Supporting our people to be healthy is important to our recruitment and retention strategy, and consequently, to the future of our business.

Our health and well-being program includes:

  • An Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which offers services such as free education advice, childcare guidance and employee counselling, with a 24-hour telephone support service.

  • Work-life balance policies covering issues such as parental leave, flexible and part-time working, and special leave.

  • Stress Charter, which sets out a range of policies, tools and other guidance aimed at helping individuals and managers suffering from stress in the workplace.

  • The provision of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) in all workplaces.

  • Encouraging teams to participate in the annual Global Corporate Challenge aimed at increasing activity levels and improving the health of our people.

  • Health Matters, a monthly information service, in partnership with our occupational health provider, aimed at giving good-quality information on personal health issues.

The leadership shown by our managers is fundamental in establishing a Health and Safety culture that delivers excellent performance. All of our senior leadership conduct regular Leadership Tours of the workplace to engage with our workforce, ensure our standards are being delivered and listen to safety concerns. In addition, every senior manager produces an annual Personal Commitment Pledge setting their goals and expectations and all operational leaders are required to undertake two weeks of training in order to achieve an internationally recognized NEBOSH safety qualification.

We actively encourage people to play their part through our 'Don't Walk By' program. This enables people to identify and challenge unsafe acts and conditions and suggest improvements. The overall objective is to enable any person to raise a health and safety concern or suggest a Health and Safety improvement, and ensure that issues are effectively resolved.

It has been proven successful in raising important issues and creating a health and safety culture of awareness and openness in which people have the confidence to speak out.

We use a range of leading and lagging indicators to monitor Health and Safety performance. This includes High Risk Accident Rate, Health Risk Rate, Don't Walk By Rate and Predict and Prevent Rate - just to name a few.