Remote Workforce Accommodation and Associated Services

Remote Workforce Accommodation

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Outland, a Carillion company, supplies and operates full service remote workforce housing and catering – from 50 person remote construction camps to large permanent, modular housing structures.

Through our investment in Outland, a Carillion company, we provide a complete range of remote site services, including accommodation, camp management, catering, maintenance, housekeeping and tree planting to public and private sector customers across a wide range of industries, such as mining, utilities, forestry, oil and gas.  Outland has installed and operated remote housing and work camps since 1985.

Superior camp catering services: well-established relationships with national food suppliers enable us to provide quality catering services for remote camps.

Complete modular work camps (also referred to as modular buildings, trailer units, workforce camps, construction camps): design, manufacture and install for remote sites.

Design-build solutions: tailored to remote workforce housing projects, working with clients to capture the full scope and needs of their project.  

Camp logistics and related services include: planning and site preparation, Arctic Air and Sea transport, trucking across Canada, site service distribution, installation.

Remote exploration camps: lightweight, temporary, camp structures for the exploration phase of operations.

Floating accommodation: flexible ship-based accommodation solutions to provide the right sized marine accommodations.

Additional services include: tree planting, fire fighting, vegetation management.

We are proud to be joint-venture partners with TANGMAARVIK Inland Camp Services Inc., an Inuit-owned company based in Baker Lake, Nunavut, who supply and operate full service camps throughout Nunavut. Learn more at