Transmission & Distribution

Transmission & Distribution

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From infrastructure services for sub-stations and cabling, to full service provision for overhead power lines and renewable energy solutions, we are helping to transform the way that energy is generated, supplied and managed.

We are a leading specialty provider of high voltage transmission utility infrastructure solutions, delivering quality work and adding exceptional value to clients around the globe. We leverage transmission and distribution expertise of decades of relevant project experience from around the world.

Our global experience, coupled with our investment in Rokstad, positions us well to becoming one of the largest suppliers to the Canadian and North American T&D market, by developing a full lifecycle capability, from design and scope definition through to construction, operations and maintenance.

Our experience in large construction projects and electric utility delivery works allows our people to understand truly each project's needs and objectives, whether part of a new capital plan, system reliability, community improvement or asset refurbishment. Our multi-disciplinary team of designers and constructors supports our T&D projects in all phases.