Sustainability Case Studies

Sustainability Case Studies

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Building a Successful Business


Innovative ideas 

Through the Carillion Ideas Program, a Carillion colleague identified an innovative way that would change the winter season maintenance routine at one of our facilities management (FM) hospital contracts. When temperatures would drop (sometimes as low as -37 Celsius with an average of 18cm of snow) during a winter season, the facilities management crew noticed that frost would prevent the fresh air intake louvers from working effectively. In an effort to avoid excessive de-icing and cleaning of the louvers during extreme temperatures, a new program to the mechanical system that uses the air pressure from the louver to de-ice the system itself was implemented.

This change is estimated to save $68k/year through extended lifespan of the louvers, reduced health and safety risks and associated labour costs.  This idea also has the potential to be implemented at other FM Services contracts.  This idea is one of many submitted by great minds working together at Carillion.




Financial education and awareness

Over 200 employees have completed the Finance for Non Finance Professionals training module. This module provides an overview of how Carillion reports financial performance to the external market, explains the difference between cash and profit, why both are important to us, and most importantly, connects our day-to-day activities to financial performance at a corporate level.  The intent is to build awareness, enhance understanding and engage employees to make a difference.


Enabling Low-Carbon Economies


Fuel savings

We achieved a reduction of over 5m litres of fuel through efficient business operating practices. This includes the application of travel blackout/stay and save periods where colleagues are encouraged to leverage greater use of e-learning tools, teleconferences and other cost-effective and environmentally-friendly options to manage cost and maintain productivity.



Carbon Reduction
Thin Client PCs have been set up for 117 workstations. The units are 46% cheaper and use around 10% of the energy required by standard PCs. The initiative will save 5,373kg of CO2 a year and a total of $60,000.

Leading the Way in our Sector


Accredited subcontractors and suppliers

Carillion is committed to building better relationships with our subcontractors and suppliers.  We have developed a free accreditation process that requires subcontractors and suppliers, who are interested in working with Carillion, to complete an online questionnaire with supporting documentation that identifies them as safe, reputable and ethical.  Only subcontractors and suppliers who have achieved accreditation status (renewable every two years) will be able to work on our contracts.

Accredited subcontractors and suppliers are listed in "My Register" - Carillion's online database that manages this information and enables us to input performance evaluations.  This data is searchable by employees who are in need of a subcontractor or supplier. Over 350 suppliers have been accredited against health and safety, quality, environmental, community and ethical sourcing. This process ensures we conduct our outsourced business in a cost-effective and efficient manner with improved relationships and better management of payments.


2015 Gold CSE award

Recognized as one of Canada's Safest Employers

Carillion has been recognized as Canada's Safest Employer in building and construction by Canadian Occupational Safety magazine with two Health & Safety awards: Building & Construction Gold Award and Psychological Health Silver Award. These awards recognize the significant strides we've made in making sure all of our people remain safe and healthy at work.

This is the second year running that Carillion has been recognized as one of Canada's Safest Employers in Building and Construction and its first year in winning the Psychological Safety award.

We are proud to be recognized for the way we care for our people, which is entrenched within our culture and key to our overall success.





Supporting Sustainable Communities

Glendon First Nations

Supporting youth from aboriginal communities

Glendon Wabasse is a Crew Leader for Outland, a Carillion company. After graduating from the First Nations Natural Resources Youth Employment Program in northern Ontario, he decided to give something back and now mentors 52 young people in gaining life skills from the same program.

We support youth from Aboriginal communities in northern Ontario by providing relevant training and education, as well as offering work experience. To date, 370 graduates have completed the two-year program and 87% have gone on to jobs or further education within the natural resource industry. We've also supported by offering summer placements -- 864 to be precise, so far.

Click here to see more about the First Nations Natural Resources Youth Employment Program.


Female snow plow operators

Investing in women

In response to a staffing challenge in a northern Ontario community, colleagues took the initiative to recruit women from the local area and Aboriginal community and train them as snowplow operators. This effort achieved great results in creating a representative workforce, improving career paths for women in untraditional roles and bringing employment opportunities to local household incomes, while creating long-term value. Within three months of training, six women passed their driving tests and shortly thereafter, were hired as snowplow operators for the 2015/2016 season. By collaborating with local agencies, we were able to show support for the local community, gain an edge in the recruitment process and ultimately strengthen our organizational performance.

Click here to learn more about this initiative.



Recruitment of Veterans / Military Service Personnel

In Canada, each year, approximately 5,000 people transition out of the Canadian Armed Forces, the majority of whom attempt to find work in the civilian job  market. We are pleased to partner with Canada Company, a charitable, non-partisan organization that serves to build the bridge between business, community leaders and the Canadian military, to enhance our recruitment of Canadian veterans.

"Veterans bring a desired skill set of leadership experience, communications and organizational skills plus a hardened work ethic, which makes them a great addition to the Carillion team."
Jim Ferron, Vice-President, Capability Development, and Canadian Army veteran.

Shown here are Carillion colleagues (left to right): Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired) Donald Hamilton, CD, Corporal Alex Goldstein, who is currently a serving member of the Canadian Forces Military Police Branch, and Major-General (Retired) Jim Ferron, OMM, MSC, CD.


Providing Better Prospects for our People

Health logo

Employee health and well-being

We have committed to use the workplace to promote healthier lifestyles and invested over $30,000 to allow nearly 300 people to take part in the 100 day 'Global Corporate Challenge', which encouraged employees to increase their daily step count and develop healthier habits.



Safety logo

Reduction in Lost Time Injury Rate

Health and Safety is of the utmost importance to Carillion. We're pleased to report that our commitment and dedication to delivering a safe and healthy workplace has achieved a 30% reduction in Lost Time Injury Rate.




Protecting the Environment


Cleaning the shoreline

Carillion was joined by members of their Supply Chain for a Sustainable Supply Chain Forum. The focus was on Ethical Sourcing and Sustainable Procurement, followed by participation in the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up, where together, 12 bags of waste was collected from the shorelines surrounding Black Creek Pioneer Village.